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Silver Body Jewellery Store UK

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your friend, we have jewellery of all styles and fashion. Our jewellery will motivate you. Let’s beautify you!


Why Choose Silver Body Jewellery Store?

Thinking about why to choose Silver Body Jewellery Store? Have a look at these points:


• We commit professionalism and own reputation. is the place for quality silver and body jewellery. 

• We listen to you and take care all about your style, choices, desires and get the best piece for you.

• From earrings to pendants to nipple jewellery, we have all different jewellery according to everyone’s taste and style.

• We have plenty of choices for you at all reasonable prices to delight you with wonderful silver body jewellery.

• We work hard to make sure our quality is at the very top and because we supply professional piercing studios and jewellers, we strive to keep our high quality consistent.




What Do We Sell at Silver Body Jewellery Store?


• Titanium body jewellery: We sell various types of body jewellery, including circular barbells, curved barbells, nipple jewellery, titanium jewellery parts, nose studs, rings, twisted barbells and many more.

• Body jewellery 316L surgical steel: We sell surgical steel body jewellery which includes curved barbells, flesh tunnels, segment rings, twisted barbells, surgical steel internal piercings.

• Charms: Here you will get charms with crystals, enamel paint charms, glass beads, initial charms and plain charms.

• Dreamcatcher Jewellery: We sell beautiful dreamcatcher belly rings, charms, earrings and pendants.

• Silver Jewellery: We have a wide variety of silver rings, hoop earrings and pendants.

• Costume Jewellery: We also sell hypo allergic earrings, Shamballa bracelets and many more.

• CC earrings and Double C deigns

• Gold Body Jewellery: We sell beautiful gold belly bars, gold nose studs and rings.


Know More About Our Silver Body Jewellery Store

At Silver Body Jewellery we are passionate about silver jewellery and body piercing jewellery. We have been selling jewellery for over twenty years. We design and manufacture our own designs in silver jewellery. We have a lovely range of belly bars with silver charms. We supply a number of piercing studios in UK, Germany, France and Canada and even a few in Japan. We have close friendly relationships with many professional piercing studios and our designs are driven by their passion.


I am sure you will find something you like from our large range. Because we are manufacturers, our prices are very reasonable. We work hard to make sure our quality is at the very top and because we supply professional piercing studios and jewellers; we strive to keep our high quality consistent.