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Body Piercing Information

Body piercing

            is not permanent in the body like tattoos so nothing to worry about. There are many different levels depending on the penetration of the body and the part of the body. This is not a warning but we need to know it for a good decision.

Types of Piercing

            This guide is information about different type of piercing and if any part can make piercing. It also helps you choose what proper jewelry you will wear and what is right, here it will also know when to treat it and what is the remedy for speed recovery.

  Ear Piercing   

               Having your ears pierced includes traditional piercings. An Orbital piercing is a type of piercing style that entails two perforations connected using one ring. That’s why they call it "Orbital" from the word Orbit. the piercing is done in the middle of the helix part, however, it can be done anywhere parts even on the earlobes. Sometimes it pierce the cartilage so it will take time to heal.

Lobe : The most common and easy to pierce part of the ears. It pierce the Flesh so it will heals Faster than the cartilage piercing.

Helix: Any piercing that is done in upper cartilage of the ears, but there are many kinds of Helix piercings. The Helix is not the painful area on the ears to pierce but sometimes it takes time to heal because it pierce the cartilage.

Conch to Conch: This is the large opening in the ears and it is the one most damage cartilage and prone to infections. this is done where a hole is pierce right through the center of the ear to make a way for a stud. the healing process can be three to nine months. Sleeping with piercing is not recommended, due to the possibility of irritating the pierce area and delaying the healing process.

Daith: Piercing in the most inner cartilage fold of the ears. BCR rings are the most common piercing jewelry used. Some people cure with their migraine problems after piercing. This piercing is usually perform by experts because it is too tricky, considering the location of the piercing.

Rook: Piercing in the upper part of the Daith in the inner ridge of the cartilage in the middle which is parallel to the outer rim of the ears.

Tragus: Piercing in the outer part of ear canal or before entering ear canal. It is like a little flap of cartilage on the side of your face. This piercing hurts alot no more than any other cartilage piercings. Like any other cartilage piercing, the tragus takes about three to six months to completely heal.

  Facial Piercing  

            Some Piercing on the face are Pierce in the surface of the Skin, while others pierce in the Mouth or in Nasal passage.

Bridge Piercing: Piercing Across the Nose Bridge. Some they Use a Staight barbell piercing but the best piercing is a small curved barbell. It is also fine if you wear eye glasses just make sure you pierce it up high. It will take about 8-12 weeks to heal, at that time you can change to smaller gaguge barbell if needed.

Cheek Piercing: Pierce from inside mouth to penetrate the outer cheeks. Some they call it dimple piercing, you can pierced both cheek so the will match. Avoid wearing make up or shaving the part of the hole to lessen the infection and irritation.

Monroe: It is piercing on the upper left ,right or center side of the lips, some they call it Beaty Mark susch as well known beauties like Mannilyn Monroe. It is like you have a Mole, the most common type of Body Jewelry Used is a Labret Piercing.

Septum: This Piercing is in the soft part in the middle of your  Nose. Nose Septum is the thin wall of cartilage in the center of our nose. The pain of getting Septum piercing is varies for everyone, but once the needle is out everything will be fine as long you relax.

Labret: It is a piercing under the center of your lower lip. Some they call it Lip piercing and the proper Jewelry is stud not a ring jewelry. This kind of piercing is not too painful because it is pierce through the Flesh.

Nostril: It is a common piercing at the side of the nose and it penetrate the cartilage from inside and out of the nasal passage. This kind of piercing is not too painful too but the healing time is very difficult because of all bacteria that are present in the nose.

Snake Bite Piercing: It pierce the lower side of the lip separated from each side of the lip center. The most common Body Jewelry used is CBB's which encircle the lower lip. Like most lip piercing this kind of piercing is external and oral piercings.

Medusa Piercing: If you have a bow like lip this piercing suits you. It is pierce in the center curved of the top Lips like a mole. Some they call it philtrum piercing this is where the piercing goes. this piercing is not too painful unless you have a very high pain threshold. the average healing process is about 6 to 12 weeks.

Eyebrow: It is a piercing anywhere along the eyebrow Line. It can be a horizontal piercing or vertical. We recommend a starting jewelry of 16-12 gauge CBBs. The soft tissue in the eyebrow swell a bit so you need to pierce it with the large piece of Jewelry to manage the swelling. The healing process can be 6 weeks but it won't be fully healed so continue to treat it.

  Oral Piercing  

Tongue: This piercing is painful due to many nerve in our tongue. Tongue piercing is the one of the most common for Body modification fans. Some think Tongue piercing look sexy and some claim that the piercing enhance the sexual experience. The piercer use a large needle to pierce your tongue. It will fully healed about 3 to 4 weeks.

Smiley Frenulum: It is located at the upper lip to the gum line. The thin layer of tissue is called frenulum under your upper lip is pierced. Some they call it Smiley because it is visible when you smile. The Jewelry suit this kind of piercing is CBBs.

  Body Parts Piercing  

        Any kind of Piercing in your Body parts and may have many risk.

Belly Button: Piercing through your belly and requires more treatment because we know our belly is a very germy area. It is downright Sexy to have this piercing but it also problematic so you need to educate yourself before making a decision. This piercing have a high prone of migration and rejection.

Nipple: Piercing through your nipples. It is more generous to a woman that man because of the nipple size allowing more space and flesh to insert. Do not pierce the breast tissue area they could lead to infection. Breastfeed is safe as long you removed the jewelry and clean the fistula before doing. Any bacteria and infection may cause danger to your nursing baby. This kind of piercing can increase the arousal in nipple.

Dermal Anchors: Piercing that can implant for almost anywhere on the body. This kind of Piercing allow you to permanently plant an anchor in your body and showing the studs outside. The flat part of the jewelry with holes in it is the anchor that will goes under the skin and the post sticks out where you can screw or attached the top jewelry.


        The piercing shop and Piercer must have autoclave for sterilizing all equipment, gloves, sterile body piercing needles and pen marks before doing the Piercing.


        Most Piercer give you a instructions after the Piercing so you need to follow their advice. If you have some kind of allergies or sort of medical conditions that may affect healing time, discuss it to the piercer so he may know what modifications you may need.