Maintaining Body Jewellery 

Knowing how to correctly take care of your body jewellery is part of the responsibility of owning it. Cleaning your jewellery should be considered a part of your regular hygiene and self-care routine. This will not only keep your piercing appearing, feeling and smelling fresh, but your body jewellery could last a lifetime if you take adequate care of it. Here is a 5-step guide on keeping your jewellery in good condition.


1.    In order to clean the intended area, you must have clean tools therefore washing your hands is the first step to cleaning your jewellery. It is possible you could be transferring germs to the jewellery you are meaning to clean. Dry your hands with a clean towel also to avoid transporting any accumulated bacteria. 


2.    Fill a clean bowl halfway with warm water. Pour in a reasonable amount of antibacterial soap and give it a good mix. This is the most frequently used method of cleaning jewellery, and it works with almost all types of materials. Antibacterial soap has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities that conventional soaps lack. Immerse the jewellery in the water and leave it to soak for 5 minutes. Ideally, to maintain your piercing healthy, clean it every day if possible, but every 2-3 days should suffice. 


3.    Using hot water, rinse the jewellery and make sure that all of the soap residue has been removed. If soap is left in the piercing for an extended period of time, it can dry up your skin and cause irritation. It's a good idea to inspect the piece of jewellery while you're rinsing it to make sure there's no dirt or debris left on it. If there is, additional cleaning will be required. If there are any spots with build-up, soak it in the warm water for a little longer. Use a SOFT brush (to avoid the risk of scratching your jewellery) or q-tip to gently wash and clean the area. When you're finished, make sure to rinse it well with hot water.


4.    Before putting the jewellery back in, make sure it's completely dry. Allow the piece of jewellery to air dry or use a towel to gently dry it. If you use a towel to dry it, be sure it hasn't been used before, again to avoid transporting any accumulated bacteria and reverse the cleaning you just did.


5.    A vital step, now that you’ve cleaned your jewellery, you’ll want to make sure that the pierced area is likewise clean, again, to avoid counteracting the cleaning you did. You can do this by dipping a q-tip into some warm soapy water and swab all around the piercing to clean and break up any dirt or build-up. Allow the piercing to dry completely before putting the jewellery back in. It's a good idea to do this every few of days to keep your piercing feeling clean and fresh. 

Tips for storing body jewellery 


If you are storing your jewellery, it's damaging to put a bacteria-infested piece of jewellery back into its case. Before storing your jewellery, make sure it's clean. This is a guarantee to prolong the life of your jewellery. Storing your jewellery in an airtight box will also help keep it looking new while reducing the amount of exposure it receives when not in use. Allow the jewellery to dry completely before storing it away


When cleaning jewellery or piercings, you must avoid using rubbing alcohol or harmful chemicals such as bleaches as a form of cleaner, as it will cause damage and inflame your skin. Harsh chemicals can also fade the colours of many types of body jewellery, or worse, functionally ruin the material.

Know your body jewellery!


Know what kind of jewellery you own. Cleaning different types of metals sometimes necessitates different approaches. Do some research or seek a specialist if you have specific queries you are unsure of. Although it isn't as fitting as washing your own jewellery in your sink, it's a smart idea to have your high-end jewellery professionally cleaned every couple of years. They will do an outstanding job of making sure your jewellery is restored to its natural beauty before returning it back to you.