Birthstones are a set of jewels that correspond to the month of one's birth. Each gem has a different meaning that is supposed to be authentic to the owner. Each of these birthstones has an interesting historical background and continues to provide health and wellness to people all over the world who wear them. Wearing these jewels is considered to offer good luck, and they are destined to match your emotional and physical demands. Early astrologers thought that each gemstone provided healing powers or protection from evil to those born in each month, which is why they are still referred to as birthstones today. Here is a guide on birthstones and their unique properties if you're curious about what your stone represents and how it might help you.


January - Garnet

January's birthstone is garnet, a gem that gained popularity during the late Roman Empire. The name comes from the Latin word 'granatus,' which means seedlike, and the gem is often compared to a pomegranate seed in colour and shape. This gem is admired for its high refractive indices, which makes it appear as if it is always generating light. The deep and rich gemstone is said to protect individuals on their travels and provide direction in the dark, while also symbolising faith, love, and constancy. It is also said to protect nightmares throughout the night. Not only does garnet aid to calm nerves, but it can also provide the wearer with increased willpower, energy, and self-love.

February - Amethyst

This stone was once solely worn by royalty and was considered to guard against intoxication by the ancient Greeks. Amethyst is a protective stone that can assist the wearer in overcoming difficulties. It also promotes self-control and strengthens relationships, which adds a romantic element. However, this lovely stone is most renowned for its relaxing properties, making it ideal for mental and emotional well-being.


March - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, a stone associated with the sea. Early sailors believed that wearing aquamarine talismans would protect them while at sea. New friendships, affection and love, hope, and health are all associated with this lovely pale blue stone. With this gemstone's ability to fight bad energy, you can expect a rise in creativity, courage, and general happiness.


April - Diamond 

Since ancient Greece, diamonds have been the traditional symbol of love and the glittering birthstone for April new-borns. This stone represents everlasting love and bravery. This gem guards against madness for those who wear it. Diamonds are thought to increase both positive and negative energy. They can also help with dizziness and vertigo, as well as detoxification and allergy relief.


May - Emerald

Some believe that by wearing the emerald gem, you would be able to cure specific ailments and glimpse into the future. This gemstone is associated with good health, loyalty, fertility, and riches. Emeralds are also said to have magical anti-sickness properties. This gemstone cleanses the liver and enhances overall health and wellness, particularly in the treatment of sinus infections and eye problems.


June - Pearl

June birthdays are commemorated with pearls, which are said to represent modesty and purity. This stone is said to calm a restless mind, manage aggression and defend against nervous and anxious thoughts, as well as to help the wearer thrive in creative endeavours. Pearls can be used to treat digestive issues, boost fertility, and reduce delivery discomfort.


July - Ruby

July birthdays are symbolised by the vibrant stone ruby. The jewels are said to shield the wearer from misfortune and help them to live in peace with others. Rubies are a deep red colour that represents power and bravery. They can help the owner’s emotional well-being, fatigue and lethargy by removing harmful energies from your path.


August - Peridot

Peridots are said to provide strength, fortune, intelligence, and purity to those born in August. The light green gemstone soothes anger and relieves tension, while also shielding the wearer against evil, negativity, and black magic. Peridot strengthens the immune system and improves the appearance of the skin.


September - Sapphire

The sapphire gemstone is portrayed in popular culture as a symbol of truth and safety for people born in September. All who wear the blue sapphire gemstone get success. Sapphires relieve pain and show the wearer's purity, knowledge, faith, loyalty, and tranquillity. Sapphires are also known to help with blood problems and excessive bleeding. 


October - Opal

Coming from the Latin word opalus, which means "precious jewel", opals were traditionally worn as necklaces to fend off evil and safeguard the owner’s vision. This gemstone represents hope, creativity, and innocence, in addition to faithfulness and confidence. Opal is an ideal stone for memory enhancement, as well as for childbirth ease, and has also been associated with friendship and emotion.


November - Topaz

Topaz was regarded to be a stone of sanity, healing, life, intellect, and power by the ancient Greeks. Though this birthstone is most typically yellow and golden in colour, it also comes in blue, pale green, pink, and red. Yellow topaz is thought to be a mind and body healer, as it relieves physical discomfort while encouraging inner serenity. This magical stone is thought to render the user impervious to danger, making it a powerful protector.


December - Tanzanite

This gemstone has a luxuriously deep and saturated colour that ranges from rich blue to violet, and is sometimes described as "velvety." Turquoise and zircon are two gemstones that can be used to symbolise the month of December also. Tanzanite has been proven to be one of the most spiritually valuable crystals, with properties that aid meditation and physical strength. This stone is peaceful and soothing, especially in the workplace, and it aids communication and problem solving. It's also an excellent stone for career change guidance.